MIL-STD-1750A Processors:
Pyramid Semiconductor offers the following products in the MIL-STD-1750A family: Pyramid's family of 1750A Microprocessors falls under the jurisdiction and export controls of the US State Department, International Traffic and Arms Regulations (DOS ITAR).
P1750A Processor for MIL-STD-1750A ISA P1750A/SOS Processor for Space Applications
P1750AE Enhanced Processor for MIL-STD-1750A ISA P1750AE/SOS Enhanced Processor for Space Applications
P1753 Memory Management Unit (MMU) P1753/SOS Memory Management Unit for Space Applications
P1754 Processor Interface Chip (PIC) P1754/SOS Processor Interface Chip for Space Applications
P1757ME Multichip Module using the P1750AE, P1753 and P1754
Application Notes
APP NOTE - P1750A System Design
APP NOTE - P1754 PIC System Test
APP NOTE - P1750AE Built-In Functions
Other Documents
Test Report for Single Event Effects Testing of the P1750A/SOS Central Processing Unit
Test Report for Single Event Effects Testing of the P1750AE/SOS Central Processing Unit
P1750A SOS Total Dose Characterization
Dose Rate and Total Dose Test Report for the P1750 CMOS Microprocessor

Standard Military Drawings (SMD) Part Numbers for MIL-STD-1750A Products

P1750A & P1750AE CPUs P1753 MMU
5962-8766501TA P1750A-15GMB 5962-8950501UA P1753-20QLMB
5962-8766501UA P1750A-15QLMB 5962-8950501YA P1753-20QGMB
5962-8766501XA P1750A-15CMB 5962-8950501ZA P1753-20PGMB
5962-8766501YA P1750A-15QGMB 5962-8950502UA P1753-30QLMB
5962-8766501ZA P1750A-15PGMB 5962-8950502YA P1753-30QGMB
5962-8766502TA P1750A-20GMB 5962-8950502ZA P1753-30PGMB
5962-8766502UA P1750A-20QLMB 5962-8950503UA P1753-40QLMB
5962-8766502XA P1750A-20CMB 5962-8950503YA P1753-40QGMB
5962-8766502YA P1750A-20QGMB 5962-8950503ZA P1753-40PGMB
5962-8766502ZA P1750A-20PGMB 5962-8950504TA P1753-20GMB
5962-8766503TA P1750A-30GMB 5962-8950504XA P1753-20CMB
5962-8766503UA P1750A-30QLMB 5962-8950505TA P1753-30GMB
5962-8766503XA P1750A-30CMB 5962-8950505XA P1753-30CMB
5962-8766503YA P1750A-30QGMB 5962-8950506TA P1753-40GMB
5962-8766503ZA P1750A-30PGMB 5962-8950506XA P1753-40CMB
5962-8766504ta P1750A-40GMB P1754 PIC
5962-8766504UA P1750A-40QLMB 5962-8864201UA P1754-20QLMB
5962-8766504XA P1750A-40CMB 5962-8864201YA P1754-20QGMB
5962-8766504YA P1750A-40QGMB 5962-8864201ZA P1754-20PGMB
5962-8766504ZA P1750A-40PGMB 5962-8864202UA P1754-30QLMB
5962-8766505TA P1750AE-20GMB 5962-8864202YA P1754-30QGMB
5962-8766505UA P1750AE-20QLMB 5962-8864202ZA P1754-30PGMB
5962-8766505XA P1750AE-20CMB 5962-8864203UA P1754-40QLMB
5962-8766505YA P1750AE-20QGMB 5962-8864203YA P1754-40QGMB
5962-8766505ZA P1750AE-20PGMB 5962-8864203ZA P1754-40PGMB
5962-8766506UA P1750AE-30QLMB 5962-8864204TA P1754-20GMB
5962-8766506YA P1750AE-30QGMB 5962-8864204XA P1754-20CMB
5962-8766506ZA P1750AE-30PGMB 5962-8864205TA P1754-30GMB
5962-8766507UA P1750AE-40QLMB 5962-8864205XA P1754-30CMB
5962-8766507YA P1750AE-40QGMB 5962-8864206TA P1754-40GMB
5962-8766507ZA P1750AE-40PGMB 5962-8864206XA P1754-40CMB

MIL-STD-1750A applications continue to evolve as system designs utilize the existing, huge inventory of application proven software to provide enhanced system capability at low cost, low risk, and with short development cycles.  Flight tested hardware upgrades using Pyramid Semiconductor's P1750AE Processor report a 40% higher throughput to the DAIS mix and in some applications, the performance upgrade may be improved as much as 2.5x without memory or clock frequency upgrade.  The P1750AE is socket compatible with the P1750A.  The same P1753 MMU and P1754 PIC can be used without any modifications to the hardware implementation.

Pyramid Semiconductor is continuing to manufacture and deliver all the products in the P1750A family of MIL-STD-1750A Processors.  This family includes:

All of the above products are offered in various speed, temperature ranges, packages, and test/screening flows.

Pyramid Semiconductor continues to be the leading supplier of fast, application proven microprocessors for all types of MIL-STD-1750A requirements.  All of Pyramid Semiconductor's MIL-STD-1750A processors, microperipherals, and multichip modules are application proven in high performance critical systems such as EW, guidance, and flight control.  These systems, using the P1750A/AE Processor, are aboard submarines, surface platforms, aircraft, cruise missiles, launch vehicles, and spacecraft.  Pyramid Semiconductor's PACE P1750A Product line consists of two single-chip MIL-STD-1750A stand-alone microprocessors, P1750A & P1750AE, and the two microperipheral devices which provide the support functions required for a complete MIL-STD-1750A Processor.  The P1757ME is a multichip 144 Pin device that contains the P1750AE Microprocessor, P1753 MMU, and the P1754 Processor Interface.  With the P1757ME, the designer of embedded systems need only add memory and appropriate IO to complete the system.  The P1757ME is an excellent solution for a performance increasing hardware upgrade that will extend the life of an investment in qualified, application proven software.  The P1757ME has been application proven aboard submarines, aircraft, and satellites.

Customers presently using the P1750A in their system can easily upgrade their boards by simply replacing the P1750A with the P1750AE and obtain 40% higher throughput at the same clock frequency without the need to redesign the board.  For systems requiring upgrades in performance a move from the P1750A to the P1750AE is a logical choice since the P1750AE is offered in the same packages as the P1750A.  Additionally, this 40% improvement in performance is obtained without the need to use faster external SRAMs.

The P1750A Processor product line includes a family of Processor devices built in CMOS for Avionics, Missile Guidance and Airborne applications. The family also includes Processor devices built on Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) technology which are tolerant to Single Event Upsets (SEU) as well as Total Dose Radiation tolerance of greater than 100K Total Dose. The SOS devices are designed for Launch Vehicles and long term Satellite applications.