Designed to ensure the data retention and the secure and safe boot of your systems, our EEPROM Product Line includes small and medium density EEPROM from 16 Kb to 1 Mb for the Industrial and Military markets.
Our EEPROM have fully TTL and/or CMOS Compatible Inputs and Outputs
They are available in the Mil-temp (-55°C/+125°C) temperature range with 8 bits data bus width, up to 120 ns access time and feature special functions such as Software Data Protection.
Depending on the product, the Endurance ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 Write Cycles and 10-Years and 100-Years Data Retention features are available.
Standard Military drawings (SMDs) 5962-xxx are supported for these EEPROMs.
Industrial devices are offered in a number of different plastic packages. MIL-STD-883 compliant devices are offered in hermetic ceramic packages to maintain the longevity of your legacy military embedded systems.
If needed, packages modifications can be made available on demand. Contact us.

  Description SMD 5962- Part # TAA (ns) PACKAGES/PINS
16K 2Kx8 EEPROM PYA28C16 - No longer available 120/150/200/250 24 32
2Kx8 EEPROM PYA28C16B 150/200/250/350 24 32
64K 8Kx8 EEPROM 87514 PYX28C64 200/250/300/350 28 32
8Kx8 EEPROM (High Speed) 87514 PYX28HC64 70/90/120 28 32
8Kx8 EEPROM 87514 PYA28C64 - No longer available 150/200/250/300 28 32
8Kx8 EEPROM 87514 PYA28C64B 150/200/250/300 28 32
256K 32Kx8 EEPROM PYA28C256 150/200/250/300 28 32
32Kx8 EEPROM (High Speed) PYA28HC256 70/90/120 28 32
1M 128Kx8 EEPROM PYA28C010 120/150/200/250 32 32 32